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by Chamber Admin on April 2nd, 2015

Gathering and sharing what we see in town is part of our breakfast activities. After our introductions and sharing the special evenets and promotions. We heard about some of the new things coming to town.  

We talked about the prospects of change coming to the community. El Dorado Holdings bought out the old Whetstone Ranch development . They have plans to build 27k roof tops over the next twenty years. This will definately change the face our our community. Much of the development will go to Hwy 90 and not to the down town area. Those in attendance thought it be imparative that we start looking at what might be done to keep the activity thriving in the down town area.

This development is going to bring jobs and people into the area. This is some thing that the chamber directors and members are certainly watching and talking about. El Dorado Holdings is sponoring a tour of the site along with a luncheon to present proposed building plans. The invitation was extended to those in attendance. The tour is scheduled for 2nd weekend in March.

Dan Barrera reported that the hotels are full this season as a result of the Gem Show in Tucson. February is the peak season for the hotels in Benson. The idea of providing a list of things to do and places to go in the hotels and motels was discussed. One thought was to get the maps that the city provides into thehotel lobbies; if that is not being done now.

It is vital for the success of the business community; to stay on top of the activities and the events that are scheduled for our town and the surronding area. This is why it is important to attend and share what is happening in your industry at the Chamber breakfasts.  

Debi reminded the group to use the chamber website to promote the various events and activities that they offer through out the year. This is a venue in whcih the the membership is aware of what is giong on in our town. If you are not sure on how to use the website features call Debi at the offfice. One of the businesses that has utilized every feature in the website is Down By The River Bed and Breakfast. Take a look at that site to see how you might design your own.
One of the benefits of Chamber membership is that you can't get the kind of exposure with traditional advertizing for the price you pay for your membership. There is no comparasion. 

Comments concerning the billboards - They would be more effective if they were not so close to town. It is possible that they still have some merit for the community. This is something that the chamber might look at in the future. It was suggested that before we have an opinton about them that we do our research. Look at various things like city sales tax being affected by the boards or not. What are other communities using billboards and how do they justify bill boards in their community? This was left open ended with some prospects of developing a research committee. 

Debi has recieved about  7 new memberships this past month. These are not renewals. These are new businesses. If you are curious about who they are go the to website and there is a list of new members. If your renewal is due please come by the office and Debi can help you with your renewal. 

Spring is in the air, I say that because there were close to twenty people at Galleano's Restaurant for breakfast and some of our regular attendees not there this morning. It is great to get with other people who have the community's best interest at heart and would like to do something to hlep make it thrive. 

Lupe Diaz - President 

by Lupe Diaz - President on June 19th, 2014

June 2014

Steve Roseman from The Vail Voice Newspaper and economic developer gave a short presentation on networking and a community profile overview this morning at our Chamber Breakfast. His topic was "Effective Networking for Your Business". He shared with us the potential for economic growth that Benson has in its community. We discussed some of the projects that are possible to pursue, during our Q and A session. Steve, said, "We can't forget that tourism is still a big industry in Arizona and we can all benefit from that. We just need to start thinking tourism". 

Some of the other points that were brought up were: 
The Chamber can work with a mentoring program for the youth. It is possible to work with FBLA and FFA and such organizations to help mentor the youth in our area. If we can couple our local business with the youth, we can help develop a employment pool for the future. It is beneficial for all concerned.  

Lupe mentioned that, "Benson is on a Boarder to Boarder Motorcycle route. This is something that we can place on our website directing people to that activity." Steve added that, "There are several people that come through Benson to stop for the night or to eat and refuel". George Scott said, "The Motor Cycle Rodeo has their event in Benson every year. They bring in several people into the community".

Geoff gave an overview of the Red Leg Loan Program that helps people secure small business loans. He said "people still have to qualify for the loan just like a conventional loan". Cindy from the National Bank of Arizona said that they offer similar loans as well.  

There is help to put together a business plan from Cochise College Development Center Small Business. Mark Schmidt the director who partners with SBA comes to the Cochise College Benson Branch and helps people for free. The idea of having classes available here in the area came up as a possible activity if the interest was there. is the link for the Development Center.

Angelica said that The Arizona Workforce Connection also provides several services that businesses can take advantage. Especially in posting jobs, training staff and providing a avenue for business to find the right staff. 

Here are some one-liner announcements 
Benson Hospital Mixer will be held at the later part of July 
 Arizona G&T to Provide / sponsor food to help businesses to host mixers 
Benson is a perfect place for Rosemont education branch for the mining industry
Benson Food Pantry served 400 people yesterday 
Farmers market to start at Cowboy Way, soon
City Council Candidates Council is set for Thursday July 17th at the Lion's Club 

Report from the office 
Chamber and parents looking at the possibility of a BMX track with the City of Benson
We are looking at doing a float for the Fourth of July parade 
Mural Dedication ceremony is taking place, June 27 10- 1 am at the Benson Visitor Center

Did you know that we are the oldest chamber in Arizona? It is 57 years old. It was established in 1957.

Our next Breakfast will be held at Galleano's Thursday July 17th at 7 am.

Lupe Diaz - President 

Benson San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce

by Chamber Admin on May 20th, 2014

It is no secret, I do not support the Jeff Cook recall effort, here is why. Jeff has done nothing to merit a recall; no scandalous actions, no extortion, he did not lie, cheat or steal anything.


The best that people can come up with is that he is an embarrassment to the City as a city council member (what ever that means), he does not own property, he lives in his sisters house, and that he has not put anything on the agenda. Owning or not owning property is not a requirement for a council member. People live in town and have done so with out owning property. The job of a councilman is to help the city establish good policy and represent the people in doing that job. He mediates between both parties. What a councilman does is examines the items on the agenda and either votes yes or no, depending on his understanding on how it will benefit the city and its residents.


If the voters think that placing things on the agenda is the criteria for a successful councilman then we have sorely missed the mark. The committee to recall Jeff Cook should think through their criteria for a successful councilman. The reasons I was told is not a good measure but an excuse to go after a person that did not back down from an intimidating voice. Mr. Cook squared off with JT Moffett and Mr. Moffett did not like it. So Mr. Moffett talked to people on why Jeff should be recalled. JT couldn't do it himself, so he had to convince some of the registered voting residents to file the recall effort and then says he is not responsible for it.


Not supporting the recall is more about the principle of the electorate process. This man deserves to run out his term. There is no merit to rid ourselves of him; otherwise every councilman should be recalled by this intimidating lobbying group.


Why stand on principle? I know that the recall is going to happen. We will not change this. But why did we allow ourselves to get where we are. We have had a hostile political environment in Benson. The recalls, investigations, employees leaving does not help the overall community image and it is a symptom to the real cause. The real cause is that JT has stirred the pot and convinced voting residents to get behind him in false charges and recalls. What we need is a moral baseline to build on so that when the whims of others try to sway the voters they will not be so easily moved. We need people who understand how government works, remember we have a council of seven and not one single voice dominating the matters of the city.


The group I stand with help build a strong community. We encourage council to work with the city manager to continue to improve the economic climate in our community. This group met with Willianm Stevens to offer our support; we gathered various businesses in certain industries to kick around ideas that can help the community provide some lifestyle amenities, and we support the community with our involvement in city policy. We plan to do the candidates forums for both the primary and the general elections. I am part of the community, however, I do not work alone or speak alone.


The words that I share in this article are supported by, Andrew Abernathy – Amteah group,

Rob Avery – Valley Vista RV Resort, Rich Cortez – Frontier Fitness, Larry Dempster – Cowboy Way,

David Depeso – DiPeso Group Coldwell Banker, Jim Grey – Dillons RV Sales and Storage, Geoff Oldfather – Arizona's G&T, Barbara Richardson – Cochise College Benson Branch, George Scott -SAEDG, Dr. David Woodall – Benson School District, and others who remain anonymous, yet very active.


We stand for recalls to be conducted only if there is a reasonable offense. We stand for saving the city money on a recall that could be run along with the primary and general election. We stand for the voters to vote for those that will represent them in the positions they were elected for. We stand for sound principled accountability from our public officials.


We will see our community rise and be the community that offers its residents and surrounding population a thriving city because of our collective efforts.


Pastor Lupe Diaz


Benson San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce  

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by Dana Cole for Benson News-Sun on July 17th, 2013

Lea Marquez Peterson, president and chief executive officer of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, gave a presentation on “The Growing Influence of the Hispanic Population in Arizona” Thursday at the Benson/San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce luncheon. 

As one of the fastest growing business organizations in the state, the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has managed to grow by more than 300 percent in the midst of an economic downturn. It’s the only chamber in the state of Arizona with an office in Mexico, a presence that fosters a close working relationship with Mexican businesses while serving as a referral source for businesses in both countries. 

Lea Marquez Peterson, president and chief executive officer of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was in Benson Thursday where she talked about “The Growing Influence of the Hispanic Population in Arizona” during a monthly luncheon hosted by the Benson/San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce. Peterson’s presentation highlights a fast-growing economy in Sonora, Mexico along with the economic benefits Mexican businesses and trade could bring to Cochise County. She also spoke about the Tucson Hispanic Chamber’s desire to grow into Cochise and Santa Cruz counties, forming collaborative relationships with chambers of commerce in Southern Arizona to help boost struggling economies.

Stressing the benefits of Mexican trade for Benson’s business community, Peterson said Mexican visitors spend close to $190 million a year in Cochise County. “Benson businesses certainly want to attract visitors traveling through their community from Sierra Vista on their way to Tucson or Phoenix,” she said. To draw those visitors, Peterson advises local businesses to consider such questions as, “Is the business ‘Mexico ready?’ Does the business attract Mexican shoppers from the outside? Is sales staff bilingual? Does the business stock the right inventory?”

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber is the largest Latino business organization in the state of Arizona, with more than 1,020 business members, of which 65 percent are Hispanic owned or managed businesses, Peterson said. With Arizona’s Hispanic population at 31 percent and growing, she emphasized the important economic impact Hispanic business could have on Benson’s economy through ....


by Chamber Admin on June 26th, 2013

Ákos Kovach, Economic Development Planner for the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization is a strong believer in Benson. Specifically he believes that Benson is poised for growth. To find out why he believes this, the Benson San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce asked him to come and share his vision at their June monthly breakfast on June 20 at The Benson City Grille.

With 28 persons in attendance, Kovach first explained that he believes in Benson and that Benson is poised for growth because we have many existing resources. A resource, Kovach explained, is “somebody or something that is a source of help or information.”

Benson’s existing resources, according to Kovach, include:
  • The Visitor Center,
  • City Hall,
  • Chamber of Commerce,
  • Available private land,
  • Available State land,
  • Commercial property for sale,
And, the infrastructure to sustain growth.At this point Kovach asked the audience their thoughts on what Benson’s existing assets and infrastructure are. Chamber President Lupe Diaz mentioned Benson’s location in conjunction with I-10 and our property price point. George Scott, Executive Director of the Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group, feels that our ability to put deals together quickly to be a major asset.

Bob Nilson of the Visitor Center listed off the railroad, Gamon’s Gulch, Singing Winds Bookstore, our local history, and our strategic location that necessitates that visitors to Tombstone must pass through Benson. Dan Barrera of the Quarter Horse Motel emphasized our hospital, EMS services, medical system, and nursing home as key advantages to relocating a business to Benson.

City Councilman Ron Brooks gave a comprehensive response of land, location, and our recent $11 Million in upgrades to our local airport, while also agreeing with the others as to the importance of our railroad and our connection to I-10.

Greg Hall from Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc., focused on our available workforce with an emphasis of having a fresh group of high school graduates looking for work. Ron Curtis from American Southwest Credit Union mentioned the parking and clear air space at our airport, as well as the benefit of the Cochise College Benson Center.

Summing it up, Kovach agreed that our education system, including both K-12 and Cochise College; our workforce, including that we are an easy commute from Tucson or Sierra Vista; tourism; and our position as a transportation hub, including the airport, Amtrak, and railroad all position Benson for growth.

In speaking of the railroad, Kovach reminded us while we have a rail yard and the Union Pacific, next we need to attract an investor who will fill the need to transfer goods from rail to trucks or from truck to rail to round out our position as a transportation hub.

Kovach let the attendees know that Benson has what Sierra Vista wishes they had: I-10 and a clear airspace over our airport. The key, he said, is finding ways to promote what we have.
In closing Kovach encouraged the attendees to start a promotion in the community to help brand Benson. He even mentioned that with our small business growth – the incubator on Fourth Street and shops opening up; the airport opportunity for air shows, balloon festivals, fly-ins; the intermodal opportunity; increased Amtrak – tourism business; available shovel-ready property; cost-effectiveness; and logical regional transportation hub – distribution point, Benson can have its own FTZ sub-zone. But we must, he emphasized, promote, have a business plan, and a budget plan that fits the goals.

by Chamber Admin on April 4th, 2013

Benson Wal-Mart Remodel Brings Temporary Jobs To Area Residents

Powerhouse Retail Services has numerous Merchandiser/Labor opportunities for a Wal-Mart remodel project in Benson, AZ.  This is a local and a temporary project (approx. 4/22-6/7) but could turn to long term for the right applicants with a great work ethic, great attitude and willingness to travel. This will be entirely up to you. Powerhouse is now hiring for these positions. There will be a day and overnight shift. Pay is $12.00/hr. We will be accepting applications in person on Monday, April 8th from 10am to 3pm at the Arizona Electric Power Co-op and Tuesday, April 9th from 9am to 4pm at the DES Employment Service.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Merchandising 
  • Understanding planograms/Display Solutions
  • Using hand and power tools (experience preferred)
  • Meeting strict deadlines in a  fast paced environment
  • Working 8+ hours a day 5 days a week
  • Reading tape measure
  • Following directions
  • Cleaning 
The following are REQUIRED:
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must consistently be on time and reliable.
  • Must be able to consistently lift 50lbs without assistance.
  • Must pass criminal background check(no felonies or misdemeanor theft/violence)
  • Must pass drug screen
  • Must be available to work various shifts. (Nights or days).
  • Ability to stand, walk, bend for 8 hours or more.
  • A professional appearance and attitude at all times.
  • Must work well in a team. 
Arizona Electric Power Co-op                                DES Employment Service
1000 Arizona 80                                                         400 West Congress Ste. 420
Benson, AZ 85602                                                      Tucson, AZ  85701
Monday April 8th                                                       Tuesday April 9th
10am to 3pm                                                              9am-4pm                   
Please contact Christina Ruiz at 817-297-8575 ext. 7010 or for more details                                

Click Here To Download Flyer

by Chamber Admin on March 27th, 2013

Solar Community Forum 
A free informational forum offering the community practical information for those interested in residential and commercial solar energy. 
Saturday April 6, 2013
At Benson City Council Chambers
120 W. 6th Street | Benson, AZ 85602
Mark Apel, University of Arizona
“Cochise County Solar Development Opportunities”
Telly Stanger, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative
“SSVEC’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program”
Brendan Nuriddin, Solar Path
“‘Right sizing’ Solar Systems and The Construction Process”
University of Arizona
Sulpher Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Benson/San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce
Solar Path
Please RSVP to George Scott at

by Chamber Admin on March 26th, 2013

The March 2013 Chamber Breakfast held on March 21 at the Benson City Grille was well attended. Barbara Richardson Director of Cochise College Benson Branch gave an overview of the services they provide for the students that are part of their student body. She also shared the challenges that the sequester has brought to the military community. Her address was very informative.

Benson Community Hospital's new Chief Financial Officer, Ken Gorason, also shared briefly of his new position at the hospital and some of the objectives and improvements lined up for the hospital.

Benson School District Superintendent Dr. David Woodall provided information about the new Arizona Common Core Standards which are being implemented across the state to help ensure that all students have the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career and life.

Those in attendance had several questions for the speakers. The breakfast was very informative.

Pastor Lupe Diaz President of the Chamber spent the reminder of the time sharing the events of the Chamber Advocacy days at the State Capitol. The Arizona State treasurer, the Health reform representative, The State School Superintendent and the Speaker of the House all shared what they are facing. Governor Jan Brewer gave an address on what the state is doing for business in the state. She mentioned that the driving force of our economy is the small businesses in our communities. She is doing she can to drive down the state tax so that business will be attracted to Arizona and thrive. She believes that the State cannot afford the  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Five Chambers from Cochise county were represented at our lunch table alone with Gail Griffin our Senator.

The breakfast meeting which was held at the Benson City Grill was adjourned and the afterglow was vibrant with people talking and arranging for more to happen with the information that was shared.

by Chamber Admin on March 26th, 2013

The Benson Chamber was represented at the 2013 Chamber Advocacy Days at the State Capitol on March 5, 2013, by Chamber president Lupe Diaz. Also present from Cochise County were the Bowie, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, and Willcox chambers of commerce making a total of five Chamber representing our area. At left is Governor Jan Brewer addressing those in attendance.

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