Why I Am Not In Favor Of The Recall

by Chamber Admin on May 20th, 2014

It is no secret, I do not support the Jeff Cook recall effort, here is why. Jeff has done nothing to merit a recall; no scandalous actions, no extortion, he did not lie, cheat or steal anything.


The best that people can come up with is that he is an embarrassment to the City as a city council member (what ever that means), he does not own property, he lives in his sisters house, and that he has not put anything on the agenda. Owning or not owning property is not a requirement for a council member. People live in town and have done so with out owning property. The job of a councilman is to help the city establish good policy and represent the people in doing that job. He mediates between both parties. What a councilman does is examines the items on the agenda and either votes yes or no, depending on his understanding on how it will benefit the city and its residents.


If the voters think that placing things on the agenda is the criteria for a successful councilman then we have sorely missed the mark. The committee to recall Jeff Cook should think through their criteria for a successful councilman. The reasons I was told is not a good measure but an excuse to go after a person that did not back down from an intimidating voice. Mr. Cook squared off with JT Moffett and Mr. Moffett did not like it. So Mr. Moffett talked to people on why Jeff should be recalled. JT couldn't do it himself, so he had to convince some of the registered voting residents to file the recall effort and then says he is not responsible for it.


Not supporting the recall is more about the principle of the electorate process. This man deserves to run out his term. There is no merit to rid ourselves of him; otherwise every councilman should be recalled by this intimidating lobbying group.


Why stand on principle? I know that the recall is going to happen. We will not change this. But why did we allow ourselves to get where we are. We have had a hostile political environment in Benson. The recalls, investigations, employees leaving does not help the overall community image and it is a symptom to the real cause. The real cause is that JT has stirred the pot and convinced voting residents to get behind him in false charges and recalls. What we need is a moral baseline to build on so that when the whims of others try to sway the voters they will not be so easily moved. We need people who understand how government works, remember we have a council of seven and not one single voice dominating the matters of the city.


The group I stand with help build a strong community. We encourage council to work with the city manager to continue to improve the economic climate in our community. This group met with Willianm Stevens to offer our support; we gathered various businesses in certain industries to kick around ideas that can help the community provide some lifestyle amenities, and we support the community with our involvement in city policy. We plan to do the candidates forums for both the primary and the general elections. I am part of the community, however, I do not work alone or speak alone.


The words that I share in this article are supported by, Andrew Abernathy – Amteah group,

Rob Avery – Valley Vista RV Resort, Rich Cortez – Frontier Fitness, Larry Dempster – Cowboy Way,

David Depeso – DiPeso Group Coldwell Banker, Jim Grey – Dillons RV Sales and Storage, Geoff Oldfather – Arizona's G&T, Barbara Richardson – Cochise College Benson Branch, George Scott -SAEDG, Dr. David Woodall – Benson School District, and others who remain anonymous, yet very active.


We stand for recalls to be conducted only if there is a reasonable offense. We stand for saving the city money on a recall that could be run along with the primary and general election. We stand for the voters to vote for those that will represent them in the positions they were elected for. We stand for sound principled accountability from our public officials.


We will see our community rise and be the community that offers its residents and surrounding population a thriving city because of our collective efforts.


Pastor Lupe Diaz


Benson San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce  

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